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ICND1 – NTP Questions

June 8th, 2017 in ICND1 100-105 Go to comments

Question 1


If you want your system to become an authoritative NTP server from which other internal routers or machines can synchronise, you can achieve this with the “ntp master” command.

Note: Use the “ntp server” to form an association with a NTP server.

Question 2


NTP uses a stratum to describe the distance between a network device and an authoritative time source:
+ A stratum 1 time server is directly attached to an authoritative time source (such as a radio or atomic clock or a GPS time source).
+ A stratum 2 NTP server receives its time through NTP from a stratum 1 time server.


Question 3


There is no document saying the default mode of NTP is server so we assume answer A is not correct.

There is no default authentication key number -> B is not correct.

If the network has “ntp master” configured and it cannot reach any clock with a lower stratum number, the system claims to be synchronized at the configured stratum number, and other systems synchronize to it via NTP. By default, the master clock function is disabled. When enabled, the default stratum is 8 -> Answer C is not correct.

NTP sets the source IP address for all NTP packets based on the address of the interface through which the NTP packet are sent. But there is no correct answer so maybe answer D is the best choice.

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