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ICND1 – Drag and Drop

June 4th, 2017 in ICND1 100-105 Go to comments

Question 1

+ ARP: A PC sends packets to the default gateway IP address the first time since the PC turned on.
+ ICMP: The network administrator is checking basic IP connectivity from a workstation to a server.
+ DNS: The TCP/IP protocol stack must find an IP address for packets destined for a URL.
+ DHCP: A network device will automatically assign IP addresses to workstations.

Question 2

+ NAT: A PC with address must access devices on the Internet.
+ DHCP: Only routers and servers require static IP addresses. Easy IP administration is required.
+ DNS: A PC only knows a server as MediaServer. IP needs to send data to that server.
+ OSPF: A protocol is needed to replace current static routes with automatic route updates.

Question 3

+ SNMP: a protocol used to monitor and manage network devices
+ FTP: a reliable, connection-oriented service that uses TCP to transfer files between systems
+ TFTP: a connectionless service that uses UDP to transfer files between systems
+ DNS: a protocol that converts human-readable names into machine-readable addresses
+ DHCP: used to assign IP addresses automatically and set parameters such as subnet mask and default gateway

Question 4

service password-encryption encrypt all clear text passwords
line console 0
password friendS0nly
protect access to the user mode prompt
enable secret noWay1n4u set privileged mode encrypted password
line vty 0 4
password 2hard2Guess
set password to allow Telnet connections
enable password uwi11NeverNo set privileged mode clear text password

Question 5

+ application layer: SMTP
+ transport layer: TCP
+ internet layer: IP
+ network access layer: Ethernet

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  1. Shaun L
    November 12th, 2013

    Q4: Answers need to be reworked. Little hard to follow. Please revise.

  2. Veera
    December 18th, 2013

    I guess the answer for Q1 should be

    RARP: A PC sends packets to the default gateway IP address the first time since the PC turned on.

    As the PC is turned on for the first time, it needs an IPv4 address. So it will send an RARP request to the Default Gate way to get an IP. Please advise.

  3. Shrpshtr
    January 9th, 2014

    I agree with Veera

    RARP – Reverse Address Resolution Protocol is a protocol using which a physical machine in a LAN could request to find its IP address from ARP table or cache from a gateway server.

  4. Anadi
    January 17th, 2014

    Actually in case of static IP address host will send a ARP or else if IPv4 is not known it will send a RARP, it really do depend

  5. CCENT Someday
    January 25th, 2014


    Can you add this as a Drag and Drop Question:

    Holddown Timer – Prevents a router from improperly reinstating a route from a regular
    routing update.

    Split Horizon – Prevents information about a route from being sent in the direction from
    which the route was learned.

    Defining a Maximum – Prevents invalid updates from looping the internetwork indefinitely.

    Route Poisoning – Causes a routing protocol to advertise an infinite metric for a failed route.

    Triggered Update – Decreases convergence time by immediately sending route information in
    response to a topology change.

  6. CCENT Someday
    January 31st, 2014


    I plan on taking exam next week. What other sims/labs did you get besides the OSPF 6 router?

    Thanks in Advance!

  7. CertBound
    February 8th, 2014

    @Veera, Shrpshtr; Probably wouldn’t be RARP. “Diskless machines that do not have a configured IP address when started typically use RARP. RARP requires the existence of a server that maintains physical-to-logical address mappings.” – CCENT_Exam_Cram _Exam_640-822

  8. Veera
    February 8th, 2014

    @CertBound,@ Anadi

    Thank you. But the purpose/definition of ARP is to find the destination address right? Why does A PC sends ARP packets to the default gateway IP address the first time since the PC turned on, when it doesn’t even have a source address? And again I appreciate you taking time to answer the questions…….:-)

  9. switchport
    February 11th, 2014

    ARP is used to find the destination MAC address, of which the default gateway is not known on first boot.

  10. JamesK
    March 6th, 2014

    Actually, that’s only true for hosts on the local network. If it’s elsewhere, then, in order to use the router, the router’s MAC address has to be determined. The MAC address for a host on other than the local network is never known nor relevant.

  11. fez
    April 24th, 2014

    Passed my 100-101 exam today and none were from drag and drop all the best

  12. gm2689
    April 25th, 2014

    Was there any drag and drop questions on your ICND1 exam?

  13. @gm
    April 27th, 2014

    No none were there…

  14. Akshay
    May 7th, 2014

    I’m taking the exam tomorrow. Are there any new questions?What about the SIMs?

  15. Manohar Tn
    May 16th, 2014

    Got 986/1000 Marks, {5/16/2014} 50 Questions, Ospf Sim, Security simlet, and Router and switch Simlet Was also there…..All questions From 9tut. and Examcollections…..Now Heading For Icnd2 And Blogging…..

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    May 29th, 2014

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  17. grendel
    July 13th, 2014

    Drag and drop is easy. Basic networking. Know it.

  18. AK
    July 18th, 2014

    Question 5 needs some work.
    Transport: TCP and UDP.
    Application: SNMP, and SMTP
    Internet: IP
    Network access: Ethernet and ARP

  19. Abdul
    July 19th, 2014

    questions 3 and 4 were in the exam 19/07/2014

  20. Kiy77
    July 25th, 2014

    Question 4 looks wrong for the Line Con 0 answer…that protects access via console, not user mode right? Wouldn’t it be “login password” to protect access to the user mode prompt?

  21. Tjones
    July 27th, 2014

    Took exam yesterday and question 5 was on exam

  22. Nervous
    July 29th, 2014

    Tim jones???

  23. Tark
    August 1st, 2014

    Whats going on with Q 5?

    All of the listed protocols can be assigned layers there.

    Transport: TCP and UDP.
    Application: SNMP, and SMTP
    Internet: IP
    Network access: Ethernet and ARP

    ? 9 tut advise pls

  24. Tark
    August 1st, 2014

    ah scrub that I misread the question, it says email message!

  25. ApolloOKC
    August 8th, 2014

    Kiy77 have a look at here, page 34: http://cs.oberlin.edu/~dadamson/ccna/ccentbook/Chapter4_IntroIOS.pdf . It will answer your question.

  26. Oshikuru
    August 21st, 2014


    The question is asking “assuming a reliable connection is required”, which means only protocols that are under TCP (connection oriented) vs. UDP (connectionless). So we can rule out UDP, SNMP, TFTP (not listed but still UDP protocol) and DNS (conditional).

  27. Gabbie
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    February 26th, 2015

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  37. Ahmed
    March 28th, 2015

    q1 in icnd1 exam

  38. joel
    April 14th, 2015

    Assuming a reliable connection–(why q5 is correctly done)
    we will then use TCP and not UDP

  39. G-10
    April 26th, 2015

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  47. hacker
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  48. takingtestonjan29
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  49. Jake
    July 4th, 2016

    @Hacker this is drag and drop, you just need to know what to match with what.

  50. GaGirl
    December 8th, 2016

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  51. Salene
    December 22nd, 2016

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  52. sobe
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  53. light
    February 16th, 2017

    Question 5

    On the left are various network protocols. On the right are the layers of the TCP/IP model. Assuming a reliable connection is required, move the protocols on the left to the TCP/IP layers on the right to show the proper encapsulation for an email message sent by a host on a LAN. (Not all options are used)

    UDP Application Layer
    SNMP Transport Layer
    IP Internet Layer
    ARP Network Access Layer


    + application layer: SMTP
    + transport layer: TCP
    + internet layer: IP
    + network access layer: Ethernet

    Question says ” move the protocols on the left “I would say Ethernet is not a protocol ARP is; should it not be:

    + network access layer: ARP

    any help appreciated

  54. Anon
    February 17th, 2017

    Just took the ICND Part 1 and passed. A couple of questions i’ve never seen before:

    1. What is a component of Cisco Express Forwarding.
    — I think the answer was FIB

    2. What are the first bits of a unique local IPv6 address?
    — Many options, option 1 was: “00000000”. You basically want the binary of fec0::/10

  55. jane
    May 17th, 2017

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  56. Anonymous
    September 16th, 2017

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  57. gareth
    September 28th, 2017

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  58. Thomas
    September 29th, 2017

    Hello All,

    The same question about the type of the cables Twisted pair,coaxial,usb,fiber optic fell to me today ,when i gave the ICDN1 exams 100-105.Any help pls?

  59. gareth
    September 29th, 2017


    What was the question I can maybe help you ?

    speed of 10base-T ; 100base FX and 100base TX?

  60. Thomas
    September 30th, 2017

    Hello Gareth,

    Thank you for the reply.
    It has to do with ehthernet type(100base FX ,TX etc) and with what kind of type(inshielded twisted pair,etc).

  61. gareth
    September 30th, 2017

    @Thomas what was the other cables ? 10BASE5 and coaxial?

  62. papapu
    October 2nd, 2017

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    a.10 base2
    b.10 base5
    c.100 base2

    October 5th, 2017

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  64. Vugo
    October 5th, 2017


    10BASE-2 Thin (RG-58) coaxial Bus
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    10BASE-T Cat 3 UTP or better Star
    100BASE-TX Cat 5 UTP or better Star
    1000BASE-TX Cat 5 UTP or better Star
    1000BASE-TX Cat 6a UTP or better Star topology

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