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ICND1 – Protocols & Services

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Question 1


File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol used to transfer files from one host to another host over TCP-based network, such as the Internet.

Question 2


Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) is a proprietary protocol of Cisco so if you can see the VoIP phone via the “show cdp neighbors” command on a Cisco switch then that phone is from Cisco.

Question 3


User Datagram Protocol (UDP) provides a connectionless datagram service that offers best-effort delivery, which means that UDP does not guarantee delivery or verify sequencing for any datagrams. UDP is typically used by programs that transmit small amounts of data at one time or have real-time requirements (voice, for example).

Question 4


CDP is a device discovery protocol that runs over Layer 2. We can view the CDP information with the show cdp neighbors command (thus the provided information is at layer 2), notice this command only shows information about directly connected devices. The output of the show cdp neighbors command is shown below:


There are 3 columns you must pay attention to:

* Local interface: type & ID of the local interface on which CDP information of the neighbor were received.
* Device platform: the neighboring device model.
* Port ID: the connected interface of the neighbor.

Question 5


After resolving a browser URL to an IP address (via DNS server), the workstation must learn the MAC address of the server so that it can create a complete packet (a complete packet requires destination MAC and IP address, source MAC and IP address). Therefore the workstation must use ARP to find out the MAC address from the IP address.

Question 6


Before two computers can communicate over TCP, they must synchronize their initial sequence numbers (ISN) -> B is correct.

TCP uses a sequence number to identify each byte of data. The sequence number identifies the order of the bytes sent from each computer so that the data can be reconstructed in order, regardless of any fragmentation, disordering, or packet loss that may occur during transmission -> D is correct.

Question 7


By default CDP is enabled on Cisco routers -> A is not correct.

CDP runs at Layer 2 in the OSI model and it does not need an IP address to run -> C & D are not correct.

Question 8


Tracert (or traceroute) is used to trace the path between the sender and the destination host. Traceroute works by sending packets with gradually increasing Time-to-Live (TTL) value, starting with TTL value = 1. The first router receives the packet, decrements the TTL value and drops the packet because it then has TTL value zero. The router sends an ICMP Time Exceeded message back to the source. The next set of packets are given a TTL value of 2, so the first router forwards the packets, but the second router drops them and replies with ICMP Time Exceeded. Proceeding in this way, traceroute uses the returned ICMP Time Exceeded messages to build a list of routers that packets traverse, until the destination is reached and returns an ICMP Echo Reply message -> C is correct.

ICMP is encapsulated in an IP packet. In particular, the ICMP message is encapsulated in the IP payload part of an IP datagram -> D is correct.

Note: The TRACERT command on Windows Operating System uses ICMP while MAC OS X and Linux TRACEROUTE use UDP.

Question 9

Question 10

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    I plan on taking exam next week. What other sims/labs did you get besides the OSPF 6 router?

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  7. as20140202
    February 14th, 2014

    Question 9
    D. R1, S1, S2, and R3
    Ithink that should be correct answer.
    (tested only on packet tracer).

    February 17th, 2014

    No C. R3 and S2 is the correct answer because only those 2 devices are directly connected to R2. I think you may have connected the diagram wrong. Sorry.

  9. szpitor
    March 7th, 2014

    Or you have been mistaken by OSPF neighbor which sees all the devices in the same area, but this is CDP.

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    Passed my 100-101 exam today and question 4,6,7 and 8 were there. all the best.

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  17. bbbfernandes@aointl.com
    October 27th, 2014

    Question 9 answer is C. CDP shows directly connected devices only therefore R3 and S2 assuming R3 and R2 have ip assigned to the serial link since Routers are layer 3

  18. ICND1Finally
    November 14th, 2014

    Just passed ICND1/ lots of questions from 9tut, lots of subnetting questions. I got 67% in subnetting. I know it well but did maybe I just did not understand the questions. One for instance:
    (Not verbatim but you get the gist)
    you have been given network / 26 which addresses below can be used for hosts?
    Choose two.
    I chose A and B. I know B is a broadcast but it is the only other address that fell in the subnetwork. I even commented explaining I know it isn’t a host address but I am sure it won’t be changed. However, I think they wanted all the possible host addresses for the entire 4 blocks. In this case the answer would have been A and D. Remember, this is not verbatim. So, I don’t know actual addresses or network. Hope this helps. I had a lot of questions on subnetting. I had (I think) 4 simlets(??) where I had to do show commands and answer four questions. Other than that, I had no drag and drop, configuration problems or IPv6.

  19. Yahia Tariq
    November 22nd, 2014

    Question 9 were in exam on 20/11/2014, more than 45 questions were from 9tut !

  20. Jonathan Baird
    November 24th, 2014

    Took the exam on 22/11/2014. Only scored 722 and needed 804 so didn’t pass this time. There are a lot of questions on here from the actual ICND1 exam, I wish Id have found this site prior to taking my exam!

  21. Deriq
    December 14th, 2014

    Jonathan are the lab sims accurate?

  22. dudu
    December 15th, 2014

    answer could be D and E for your question. /26 means increment 64. So (0,64,128,192) as subnet addresses. So (63, 127, 191 and 255) as BC.
    128 and 161 fit in third subnet. I know 128 is subnetaddress… I am not sure, any ideas?

  23. mukul
    January 14th, 2015

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  24. this guy
    January 18th, 2015

    @ICND1Finally and dudu. The subnet sizes are 64, correct. However, unless ip subnet 0 has been enabled and he did not say it was, than 61 is not a valid address, 63 is broadcast, 191 is broadcast. 128 is network.

    The only actual valid IP is D, but assuming ip subnet 0 is enabled, then A and D.

  25. Ted B.
    January 18th, 2015

    If you are subnetting – Remember the following Items.
    128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1
    If you are going from the left to the right then you are taking bits for the network
    If you are going from the right to the left then you are taking bits for hosts.

    For Example – If I need 16 hosts per subnet – My subnet mask would be 255.255.255.x
    Remember 2^n – 2 = 16 would equal 5
    Since we are talking about HOSTS we would go right to left – that would take the 16 8 4 2 1 and leave 128+64+32 = 224

    Therefore the subnet mask would be

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    There was also a question below:

    Which protocol uses the output of the command: sh cdp neighbor

    How do you think? What was the answer?

  28. Techgique
    January 26th, 2015

    @Reta The one you forgot may have been the correct answer, but CDP works with SNMP. However it is important to know that CDP works without other protocols and media while operating at Layer 2. You could plug two Cisco routers in, connect them with an Ethernet cable, configure “no shut” on the interfaces that have the Ethernet cable plugged in and CDP will work. Typically CDP questions involve something to the effect of “What layer does CDP operate at?” but with a potential rewording of the question to “What protocol does CDP work with?” I would say it is referring to SNMP.

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    Hi INCD1Finally please see the answer to your question below.

    A = Valid Address

    B = Broadcast Address – Cannot be used

    C = Broadcast Address – Cannot be used

    D = Valid Address

    E = Network Address – Cannot be used

    So the answer your question is both A & D.

    Hope this information helps you.

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