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Share your ICND1 v3.0 Experience

September 16th, 2016 in ICND1 100-105 Go to comments

The new ICND1 100-105 exam has come to replace the old ICND1 100-101 exam. This exam is new so it will need some time to put up materials for this exam. In the meantime, we create the “Share your ICND1 v3.0 Experience” for everyone to share their experience after taking this exam.

Please share with us your experience after taking the new ICND1 100-105 exam, your materials, the way you learned, your recommendations…

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  1. light
    February 18th, 2017

    @ HeyDude
    indeed you are correct. If a route is not available it get deleted from routing table, regardless whether there is a backup route or not.

  2. @HeyDude
    February 18th, 2017

    Thanks, tried that with PT – as being said – the route is deleted. thanks for clarification…..

  3. silver1
    February 18th, 2017

    Guys i just passed ICND1 today…mostly questions were from 274 but u gotta know what your are doing because they change words slightly here and there. Also labs configurations are different. If you know the basics well you will do good…all the best every one.
    OFF to ICND2!!!

  4. Eminem
    February 18th, 2017

    After you configure a default route to the Internet on a router, the route is missing from the routing
    table. Which option describes a possible reason for the problem?
    A. The next-hop address is unreachable.
    B. The default route was configured on a passive interface.
    C. Dynamic routing is disabled.
    D. Cisco Discovery Protocol is disabled on the interface used to reach the next hop.
    I think A and C are true because there is command no ip routing desable the routing fonction

  5. cisco
    February 18th, 2017


    Hello please say how many question is new ?

  6. cisco
    February 18th, 2017


    Hello please say how many question is new ? which lab?

  7. CCNA-Experts
    February 19th, 2017

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  8. light
    February 19th, 2017

    For anyone how downloaded the link above containing practicing simulations. the security sim nr. 3 (Q3) the answer is wrong.
    the answer should be B. B. only telnet protocol connections to RouterA are supported : this is because the command “transport input ssh” is not in the running config. moreover no domain-name is created to link the SSH-encryption-keys to.

    Also answer [C. remote connections to RouterA using telnet will succeed ] is correct. as the sim says: “no login” command on vty lines is used==> no login is required and access is unrestricted.
    Answer “A” the simulation is giving is wrong; this is because the command “lin vty 0 4” means a maximal of 5 vty connections are allowed. It doesnt mean at least 5 simultaneous connections are allowed.

    Also security sim nr. 4 (Q4) all the answers are wrong:
    Which of the following is true regarding the configuration of SwitchA?

    A. only 5 simultaneous remote connections are possible: “show run” shows that all vty lines from 0 to 15 has be configured. switch can be accessed through 16 lines.

    B. remote connections using ssh will require a user-name and password: wrong as the encryption keys will never be generated because there is no domain-name configured on the switch.

    C. only connections from the local network will be possible : no network connection is possible, only console connections are possible because the switch doesnt have a management ip address to telnet or ssh through.

    D. console access to SwitchA requires a password: there is no console password configured

    if anyone thinks differently please share your thoughts.

  9. Aussie Mate
    February 19th, 2017

    Does anyone have a VCE file of the 295 questions ?

  10. @HeyDude
    February 19th, 2017

    Thanks Light. I havent reviewed that sim because i dont know which link you mean. But, how was this in your exam? As i know the questions and configs may differ to the sim from 9tut, are the questions to security sim that different and peaky (like you mentioned for above)?

  11. CCNA-Experts
    February 19th, 2017

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  12. ACHIM Brueck
    February 20th, 2017

    Passed 100-105 exam last weekend!!! 96x/1000.

    NO new questions!

    SIMs: DHCP/NAT/ACL/NTP & Security, topology same but the config was different with different answers.

    Also, 2 IPv6 questions.

    Got questions from PassLeader 100-105 dumps (295q), 100% valid for passing now!

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    Good Luck!!!

  13. ACHIM Brueck
    February 20th, 2017


    Free PassLeader 200-105 dumps are available here:


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    Best Regards!!!

  14. Jonan
    February 20th, 2017

    @Acim Brueck

    hello please look at here. is this question new 100-105 exam?

    1.How does 6qp4 works? ( not sure about qp).
    1.Both ends must support IPv4?
    2.Both ends must support IPv6 and IPv4?
    3.One of end must be confifured with IPv4?
    2.router # ip nat pool
    1/dhcp pool
    2/nat translation
    3/ dinamic nat
    – 2 nodes need to support IPv4
    – on point-to-point only
    – one node need to support IPv4
    – one node need to support IPv6
    i dont remember correctly but i think u will get the point. read about 6to4.
    4.Based on googledrive with pineapple password (on the dropbox there is not show command so cant be sure):
    A) R1 router Ethernet interface that is connected to R2 is placed in shutdown condition
    B) R2 router Ethernet interface that is connected to R1 is placed in shutdown condition
    C) The NTP server command not configured on R2 router
    D) The IP address that is use in the NTP configuration on R2 router is incorrect X
    5.If primary and secondary root switches with priority 16384 both experience catastrophic losses, which teritary switch can take over ?
    a. switch with priority 20480
    b. switch with priority 8192
    c. switch with priority 4096 <
    d. switch with priority 12288
    6.Q-unique ipv6 address
    7.Select two (2) statements that are true about IPV6 unique local addresses
    A. ….identical to IPV4 private addresses
    B. uses FFC00::/7 as prefix
    D. *mentions something about global config or router / not entirely sure
    8. Which command is used to build DHCP pool?
    A. ip dhcp conflict
    B. ip dhcp-server pool DHCP
    C. ip dhcp pool DHCP <
    D. ip dhcp-client pool DHCP
    9.Which command can you enter to verify that a 128-bit address is live and responding?
    A. traceroute
    B. telnet
    C. ping
    D. ping ipv6
    10.Which name describes an IPV6 host-enable tunneling technique that uses IPV4 UDP,does not require dedicated gateway tunnels,and can pass through existing IPV4 NAT gateways?
    A. dual stack XX
    B. dynamic
    C. Teredo <<<<<<<?
    D. Manual 6to4
    11.What occurs when an Ethernet cable is too long?
    A) Giants
    B) Runts
    C) late collisions
    D) ???
    12.When you configure router# ip nat pool
    nat pool
    daymatic nat
    nat translation
    dhcp pook
    13.There is a question regarding ipv6to4.
    Which of the following is needed for 6to4 tunnel to work?
    A. Ipv4 address must be configured on both ends
    B. End point must be able to run both Ipv6 and Ipv4
    C. Ipv6 address must be configured on both ends.
    D. some wrong answer, don’t remember.
    14.Which statement about 6to4 tunneling is true?
    A. One tunnel endpoint must be configured with IPv4 only
    B. It establishes a point-to-point tunnel
    C. Both tunnel endpoints must be configured with IPv4 only
    D. Both tunnel endpoints must support IPv4 and IPv6
    Sound about right? Correct answer is D.
    15.Which is true about IPv6 link local addresses?
    a. they are rotatable to the public
    b. the ID’s are sequential
    c. no summerization
    d. they require unique prefixes
    16.Something about what command will show the NAT translations?
    a. show ip nat translations
    b. something else
    c. show ip nat statistics
    d. show some other stuff
    cisco February 16th, 2017
    18Another one was about CEF: something like “What disables CEF?”
    a) RIB
    b) IP something
    c) do not remember
    d) do not remember
    19Which sequence begins a unique local IPv6 address in binary notation?
    a) 00000000
    b) 1111110
    c) 1111100
    d) 1111111
    Answer: B
    20.Which two VLANs are reserved for system use only? (Choose two)
    a) 1
    b) 4095
    c) 4096
    d) 0
    e) 1001
    f) 2

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