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Access list Questions

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Question 1


The syntax of a named ACL is:

ip access-list {standard | extended} {name | number}

Therefore we can configure a standard acl with keyword “standard” and configure an extended acl with keyword “extended”. For example this is how to configure an named extended access-list:

Router(config)#ip access-list extended in_to_out permit tcp host host eq telnet

Question 2


Below is the range of standard and extended access list:

Access list type Range
Standard 1-99, 1300-1999
Extended 100-199, 2000-2699

In most cases we only need to remember 1-99 is dedicated for standard access lists while 100 to 199 is dedicated for extended access lists.

Question 3


The syntax of an extended acl is:

access-list access-list-number {permit | deny} protocol source-IP {source-mask} destination-IP {destination-mask} [eq destination-port]

-> We can define protocol, source & destination IP addresses, destination port number.

For example, we will create an extended ACL that will permit FTP traffic (port 20, 21) from network to reach but deny other traffic to go through:

Router(config)#access-list 101 permit tcp eq 21
Router(config)#access-list 101 permit tcp eq 20

Question 4


We can have only 1 access list per protocol, per direction and per interface. It means:

+ We can not have 2 inbound access lists on an interface
+ We can have 1 inbound and 1 outbound access list on an interface

Question 5

Question 6

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