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ICND2 – Cloud & Virtual Services

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Question 1


The Domain Name System (DNS) is used to resolve human-readable domain names like www.microsoft.com into machine-readable IP addresses like DNS also provides other information about domain names, such as mail services.

Suppose Microsoft has some data centers located at different locations. For example one in USA and one in Canada. With normal DNS, only the data center in USA is chosen as the “active” server and the DNS server will return the IP address of the data center in USA when being asked.

With the use of intelligent DNS, the DNS server may return the IP addresses of the data center in USA or in Canada, depends on some rules (user’s geographical location, data center’s available resources…). Thus intelligent DNS helps share the load among the data centers -> Answer B is correct.

The Global Site Selector (GSS) is a crucial component of any data center architecture that requires a secure site-to-site global load balancing. The GSS allows businesses to deploy global Internet and intranet applications with the confidence that all application users will be quickly rerouted to a standby data center during a primary data center outage or overload.

Therefore GSS works in the same way as intelligent DNS but we are not sure about the answer “it eliminates the need for a GSS”. Maybe GSS can cooperate with intelligent DNS for better performance.

Note: The traffic flow itself (between the client and the server) never traverses the GSS or intelligent DNS. The GSS/DNS simply tells the client which server to target by resolving a name to an IP address.

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