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ICND2 – Syslog Questions

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Question 1

If you configure syslog messages without specifying the logging trap level, which log messages will the router send?

A. error conditions only
B. warning and error conditions only
C. normal but significant conditions only
D. all levels except debugging
E. informational messages only


Answer: D


Syslog levels are listed below

Level Keyword Description
0 emergencies System is unusable
1 alerts Immediate action is needed
2 critical Critical conditions exist
3 errors Error conditions exist
4 warnings Warning conditions exist
5 notification Normal, but significant, conditions exist
6 informational Informational messages
7 debugging Debugging messages

The highest level is level 0 (emergencies). The lowest level is level 7. By default, the router will send informational messages (level 6). That means it will send all the syslog messages from level 0 to 6.

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