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Here you will find answers to ICND 2 – Hotspot Questions


Refer to the topology. Using the information shown, answer the five questions shown on the Questions tab


Question 1:

If most of the communication is between hosts and the servers, which switch is best as the root switch for VLAN 20?

A – Sw-A
B – Sw-B
C – Sw-C
D – Sw-D
E – Sw-E

Answer: E


Server 3 and Server 4 belong to VLAN 20 and are connected to Switch-E. If the question asks which switch is best for the whole network then the answer should be Switch-B because it is the most centralized switch on the network.

Question 2:

If Sw-E is the root for all VLANs, which of the following is a valid path from host A to Server 1?

A – Sw-A, Sw-D
B – Sw-A, Sw-E, Sw-D
C – Sw-A, Sw-B, Sw-C, Sw-D
D – Sw-A, Sw-E, Sw-C, Sw-D
E – Sw-A, Sw-E, Sw-A, Svv-D

Answer: D


All the traffic must go through root switch so the shortest path should be Sw-A -> Sw-E -> Sw-C -> Sw-D (notice that traffic can not go through Sw-A -> Sw-E and back to Sw-A again)

Question 3:

What technology helps prevent frames from looping continuously through this switched network?


Answer: C

Question 4:

What, if anything, is required for communication to occur between the host C and Server 3?

B – a router
C – nothing is required
D – trunk link between Sw-B and Sw-E

Answer: B


Since host C (VLAN 10) and Server 3 (VLAN 20) belong to different VLANs so we need a Layer 3 device (like a router) for inter-VLAN communication.

Question 5:

What type of link is needed between Sw-A and Sw-B so host C and host D can communicate through Sw-A to the servers?

A – trunk
B – access
C – multi-access
D – straight-through

Answer: A


Communication between different VLANs requires a trunk link to forward traffic normally.


Drag the options on the left under the type of switch port that they describe on the right.




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  1. Anonymous
    March 4th, 2013

    q1 on test 3/4

  2. Anonymous
    May 22nd, 2013

    q 3 was there today

  3. Sham
    August 14th, 2013

    Q6 today

  4. Fel
    September 16th, 2013

    Q4 and Q5 in ICND2 today

  5. Outcast
    September 25th, 2013

    I am not clear on Q2. I feel like the answer could have been E, because we don’t know the cost of each path.

  6. Outcast
    September 25th, 2013

    Disregard my question earlier. Didn’t notice when I landed on this site (HOTSPOT), I was on the most recent comment page. Anyways a lot has been said, so I am still digesting the explanation. Many thanks to all and 9tut

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